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People We've Touched

"The staff takes very good care of us and answer our call bells promptly. My fellow neighbors are happy here."
    - Irene P., Resident Council President

"I rate it five star! Physical therapy services are excellent. They are skillful, conscientious and helpful - second to none!"
    -Sam F., short term rehab patient

"My rehab stay at Winkler Court felt like I was staying at the Holiday Inn! The food and care was excellent and physical therapy was also excellent! If I ever have to go back to a facility, Winkler Court is where I want to go!"
    -Agnes H., short term rehab patient

"Being at Winkler Court felt like I was at home - so much love and care, so many nice people! I would recommend Winkler Court to everyone! I had a beautiful stay when I was there -- 110% satisfaction. All the staff could not have been better."
    -Illuminda R., short term rehab patient

"I liked Winkler Court so well that even though I came for short-term care, I decided I wanted to stay for good. Staff is very nice, the food is good. Therapy is very good at what they do and are so pleasant!"
    -Juanita S., resident

"Having a loved one at Winkler Court, I find all the staff nice, the facility clean, and everyone is always helpful"
    -Bill S., son of resident